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The Holidays: Caregiver Style

family caregivingTomorrow is Thanksgiving day, and as a family caregiver, the holidays can represent a time to reflect and be thankful for the positive influences and experiences in your life. However, with the bustle of preparing special meals, attending social functions and shopping for the perfect gift, the holidays can also be a source of additional stress for many caregivers. In fact, some family caregivers may even find themselves feeling depressed by their inability to get into the holiday spirit, or lack of time to spend on the typical traditions.

Whether you’re a caregiver who finds the holidays to be an extra dose of jolly, or one who fears the added stress of holiday hustle and bustle, this time of year can be the perfect time to employ the help of a private duty elder care agency who utilizes a home care software or home care system to provide the highest quality in-home care.

Find Time for Shopping, Cooking & Errands:
The holiday season can add a long list of to-do’s to your standard routine. From parties to cooking and shopping for gifts, the errands and activities can stack up. And not to mention, with holiday crowds, even tasks as simple as picking up mile & eggs can take twice the time. However, working with a home care agency to provide care for your loved one while you’re out and about can help relieve the stress of being away from your care recipient while also allowing you time to focus on the tasks at hand. And, with the power of a robust home care software or home care system, such as ClearCare, you can be sure the normal routines are maintained for your loved one while you’re out!

Incorporate Celebration:
No matter what holidays your family celebrates, including some time to be joyous with your care recipient can lift both of your spirits. Depending on the physical and mental state of your care recipient, consider planning some activities in or outside of the home that you both enjoy. Perhaps a special batch of cookies and tea one afternoon, or wrapping a few small gifts for the grandkids with festive music one morning. Likewise, if your care recipient loves a good Christmas carol or holiday movie, ask your home care provider to note their likes in their home care software or home care system to add a little extra joy to care shifts.

Try to Reflect:
If you’re having a hard time getting in the holiday spirit, try to take some time to yourself to reflect on the trials and tribulations of the past year. Schedule a shift with a home care agency, who can track tasks and updates via their home care software or home care system, and take that time to relax as best you can. Whether a day away in the mountains with your significant other, or a few hours in a local coffee shop with a good book – take time to take care of you this holiday season. As a caregiver, there’s no doubt you take time for everyone else, and you deserve a break of your own no matter how short.

Today, we’re thankful for all of the family caregivers out there who are devoting so much of themselves to caring for their senior and disabled loved ones. We salute you and hope that ClearCare’s innovative home care software and home care system assists you in feeling safe and secure using the help of the top in-home care providers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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