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The Snowball Affect of Family Caregiving

family caregivingWith the 85+ age crowd growing faster than any other age group, family caregiving responsibilities will be increasing dramatically. This aging scene is even more complex as a result of the Baby Boomer generation – 10,000 seniors are turning 65 every day. As much as caregiving affects Baby Boomers, it has a significant effect on their children as well.

Family Caregiving Statistics

Families that take the burden of care upon themselves – without the benefit of homecare and homecare software – face a variety of challenges. In addition, they often suffer financial loss. Reports show

  • 68 percent of Baby Boomers miss work or leave early to care for an aging parent
  • 60 percent of employed caregivers have had to make work time adjustments
  • 10 percent have left work completely

How Caregiving Affects Others in the Family

Family caregivers that don’t enlist the help of a homecare agency – specifically one that offers ClearCare’s homecare system – are often forced to reduce work hours or quit completely. This loss of income not only means Baby Boomers are facing an uncertain future themselves, but the snowball effect also means:

  • Money to educate college children is no longer available
  • More college students will have to borrow money elsewhere – incurring steep debt
  • Young adults will be delaying marriage and buying homes because of college debt

The family caregiving situation is further complicated by grandchildren, poor health, and demanding secular jobs. Much of this stress can be eliminated by working with a reputable homecare agency that offers a dependable homecare system, such as ClearCare. ClearCare’s top-notch homecare software keeps families involved in their loved one’s care, without having to physically be there.

A homecare system, like ClearCare, is designed to benefit seniors and their families. With a reliable communications system and sophisticated scheduling, families can rest assured that their aging parents are always being cared for. Thanks to ClearCare’s web-based homecare software, families also have the luxury of looking in on their relatives’ daily point-of-care in real-time.

Working with a professional caregiver allows family members the time they need for their personal responsibilities and secular work. Being able to stay at work and earn enough for themselves and their children’s college funds is extremely important for most families. Knowing they can check on their parents via a homecare software alleviates any feelings of guilt over leaving them in another’s care.

ClearCare’s homecare system helps keeps seniors safe and comfortable in their own homes. Experts agree that seniors and those with disabilities fare better when they can live as independently as possible. Families with caregiving responsibilities also handle stress much better when they have help – even part-time. It’s important for everyone to recognize their own limits in order to avoid burnout. As the Baby Boomer generation grows, reaching out for help will continue to be critical – for everyone in the family. When you’re looking for elder care services, be sure to consider the benefits of choosing an agency using the power of a robust homecare software and homecare system.

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