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Why ClearCare is the Best Home Care Software for Large Agencies

homecare systemProviding care to one senior is difficult enough. Managing the in-home care needs of 200, 400, 600 or more seniors can be a monumental task that, without the right people and tools, can quickly spiral out of control.

In today’s elder care industry, like many others, having a reliable software system is a key tool in ensuring that business runs smoothly. ClearCare homecare software is a robust, cloud-based system that allows large and small agencies alike to efficiently and effectively run their business.

Here’s a few of the features in ClearCare’s homecare system that push it to the front of the pack in terms of effectiveness for large agencies:

1. Cloud Based Accessibility:
All of the information stored in your homecare software does your on-call staff no good in the evening at home if they can’t access it. With ClearCare’s web-based capabilities, your homecare system can be accessed by any device with an internet connection with a secure log-in. This means that scheduling coordinators can check schedules out in the field with an iPad, while accounting staff is invoicing from the office on a laptop.

2. Real Time Care Alerts:
There isn’t enough time in the day for large agencies to check in and make sure that every caregiver made it to ever client. With ClearCare’s homecare software and homecare system, agency administrators receive alerts online or to their cell phone when a caregiver fails to clock-in or out. With integrated telephony, your homecare software isn’t just a computer program – it’s another set of eyes and ears to make sure clients are always cared for.

3. Electronic Data Storage:
With ClearCare’s homecare software and homecare system, large agencies are given the tools they need to help transition to paperless management- online integrated caregiver applications, note tracking, electronic caregiver-client matching based on availability and care needs – all stored in the cloud. This means less room in your file cabinets and on your hard drive, regardless of how large your agency may be, or become.

Whether you’re running a 3 client or 300 client agency, ClearCare’s homecare software and homecare system fits your needs, and is capable of growing with you at any rate.

If you’d like to learn more about why ClearCare Online is the best homecare software for your big agency, give us a call today at (800) 449-0645, Ext. 2 to connect with one of our friendly account representatives.

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