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The Caregiver Marketplace

Find caregivers with a built-in database of local, qualified caregivers.   

Find Local Caregivers in your Area

Fight the challenge of caregiver scarcity with access to a large database of caregivers in your area. Search by location, qualifications, certifications and more to meet your agency’s staffing needs. For example, let's say you need to find a caregiver who is 10 miles from your client, is available to work weekends, has Dementia experience, a car/license, and can handle transfers up to 200 lbs. No problem - From within ClearCare, find caregivers we've sourced that meet these criteria. Save all potential applicants. When you find the perfect match, convert that caregiver to an applicant and complete the background check and hiring proces without ever leaving ClearCare. 

 Never turn away new business

Market your business with confidence knowing you'll always have qualified, local caregivers.

 Cut hiring time in half

Eliminate data entry - with a click, promote the applicant to an employee and run the backgorund check without ever leaving ClearCare. 

Find the perfect fit

Filter by 30+ criteria to find caregivers in your area based on skills, willingness to travel, etc.

Reduce recruiting time & cost

No more creating job descriptions or data entry. 

No more job postings.

The Marketplace has been pre-filled with thousands of caregivers who want to work for private-duty home care agencies in your area. 

Streamline hiring workflows

The Caregiver Marketplace is integrated into the Applicant Tracking System, ensuring a paperless, efficient process. Save interesting caregiver profiles and promote them to an applicant with a click. 

 Caregiver Organization

Create lists of potential caregivers for a specific client need. Email that group to initiate the hiring process. 

 Applicant Tracking

Keep track of caregivers you've contacted and hired. 


Earn Tax Credits

As soon as the caregiver profile is complete, check to see if your agency is eligible for a tax credit for hiring qualified caregivers. 

Spend less time searching

We’ve done the first leg for you. Since the database is already populated, you can spend less time recruiting and more time hiring!

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

I find caregivers online, why should I use The Caregiver Marketplace?

An agency should always use multiple sources to recruit caregivers. The Caregiver Marketplace gives agencies an integrated way to browse caregivers along with their own caregivers to ensure they have the best fit. 

Can I fill my private duty home care jobs with The Caregiver Marketplace?

Yes! Use your caregivers or search the database to make the perfect fit. 

How does The Caregiver Marketplace find caregivers?

The Caregiver Marketplace find caregivers who are available for work through traditional recruiting and online sources. As a result of ClearCare powering the most number of private-duty home care agencies, every day we receive inquiries of caregivers who like working with the technology tools that ClearCare provides who are looking for work. Historically ClearCare has individually referred those caregivers to agencies using ClearCare but the volume because too high that we created The Caregiver Marketplace to streamline the process. 

When I find a qualified caregiver, what next?

Caregivers in The Marketplace still need to follow the remainder of your in-office hiring process. Promote the candidate into an applicant and run the background check within ClearCare. Then invite the caregiver in for a face to face interview and to complete any office or state required hiring processes. 

What types of caregivers are available?

Caregivers who are Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), have a drivers license and experience with Dementia, Alzheimer's, Incontinence, Hoyer Lift, Gait Belt, and even registered nurses are available as filters to search.  

Do I need to post job descriptions?

Nope! We created and posted the caregiver job descriptions and sourced the caregivers. All you need to do is search for the type of caregiver who needs the needs of your client.