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The Caregiver Portal

Simple tools to help caregivers focus more on caring. 

Empower caregivers with 

Give your caregivers the tools they need to provide informed, quality care. Access to the caregiver portal provides pertinent shift details and access to care plans on-the-go. 

 Google Map Directions

Caregivers click to navigate to the client's home, eliminating unnecessary calls to the office. 

 Mobile care plans

View the assessment and care plan to make sure the client's day is just right. 

Scheduling caregivers

GPS Mobile Clock-Ins

Caregivers can clock in and out of shifts from smartphones and tablets with ease using the GPS enabled caregiver portal.

Access info on-the-go

As soon as you schedule a shift, the client's care plan and assessment are automatically uploaded to the caregiver portal.

Shift updates in Real Time

Updating shift tasks is easy with the caregiver portal. Empower your caregivers to update completed tasks and leave written detail so everyone is in the loop.

Provide the best tools for your front line

Caregivers prefer agencies that provide the tools to keep their focus on caring for your client. The Caregiver portal keeps your agency and the caregiver in touch and keeps important information top of mind. 

 Better care

When caregivers spend less time on admin and completing paper time logs, they spend more time caring for clients. 

 Stay focused on what matters

How many phone calls do you get each week from a caregiver asking for directions or reminders about shift details? The caregiver portal keeps your office staff focused with less disruptive calls to the office. 


Access to key shift details

Caregivers have access to everything they need to show up on time for their shifts--shift time, location, directions and more.

Mobile accessibility

The caregiver portal is easily accessible from any mobile device, which means information on-the-go!

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

Is there an additional cost for the caregiver portal?

No! The caregiver portal functionality is included in the monthly subscription price of ClearCare.

How much does the caregiver management portal cost?

The caregiver management portal is no additional charge. Issue as many caregiver portals to as many caregivers as you wish. 

How does the caregiver management portal help caregivers?

The Caregiver Portal shows their confrimed work schedule, the client care plan, tasks to be completed, and Google Map directions to the client's house. Caregivers can also GPS clock-in from their portal. 

What devices can caregivers access The Caregiver Portal?

Caregivers can access the caregiver management portal from any device - desktop, laptop, Android, Iphone, or Windows mobile phones. 

How does the caregiver portal help my office staff?

Fewer phone calls into the office results in your staff staying focused on what matters. When caregivers can see their shift details and map directions to their shift location, offices see a dramatic decrease in unnecessary calls into the office. 

How does the Google Map directions work?

Caregivers can login and see the address of their client. By clicking, the address opens up Google Maps and automatically inputs the client's address. If the caregiver is on their mobile phone, their GPS will take them right to the client's home.