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Caregiver Training

Integrated caregiver training management with CareAcademy

Effortlessly & Seamlessly Keep Caregivers In Compliance

The ClearCare integration with CareAcademy provides access to CareAcademy’s learning pathways for caregivers and powerful tools for personal care agency recruitment, onboarding, and retention. Agencies can give caregivers secure mobile access to the CareAcademy learning enablement environment that delivers state-required content and on-demand education.

With the integration, agencies can seamlessly pass caregiver training information between the two systems. Activate and manage caregiver access from ClearCare and easily curate caregiver training through the CareAcademy platform.

Manage Training in ClearCare

Select caregivers and assign training without leaving ClearCare. From the caregiver's profile page in ClearCare, administrators can get to training summaries in CareAcademy with one click.

Easy for Caregivers

CareAcademy provides mobile-friendly training made up of engaging, bite-sized content. Caregivers can take classes anytime, anywhere, and on any device simply by logging in through the ClearCare mobile app or Caregiver Portal.

Ensure Compliance with State-Approved Curriculum

The CareAcademy system automatically creates a curriculum based on a state’s training requirements. You'll be alerted if automated assignments are changed in any way that will put your agency out of training compliance. CareAcademy currently meets continuing education requirements in the US for all non-medical caregivers, HHAs, and CNAs. 


About CareAcademy

CareAcademy is the leading home care and home health workforce empowerment company, their online caregiver training platform helps agencies and their caregivers complete their training. The highest-quality caregiver training is allocated automatically based on your state requirements, helping agencies improve client satisfaction and the knowledge of caregivers. CareAcademy meets continuing education requirements in the USA for all non-medical caregivers, HHAs, and CNAs.

Want to learn more about the CareAcademy integration and how the ClearCare platform can help your agency?


Already a ClearCare customer?
Learn more and sign up by logging in to ClearCare and going to Agency Settings > Power Tools Integrations > Integrated Caregiver Training with CareAcademy

Improve the Onboarding Experience

Since CareAcademy customers are able to reduce onboarding time so dramatically, agency owners and operators can spend more one-on-one time with new employees.

Increase Caregiver Retention

CareAcademy has programs and pathways for employees at all levels. By providing new classes and opportunities to learn new skills, you can retain your most valuable asset: veteran caregivers.

Automate Training & Documentation

All training is automatically documented and all reports and certificates live in one easy-to-use administrative dashboard. Easily print or electronically distribute training logs and caregiver certifications.

How It Works


ClearCare provides a secure, interoperable connection to CareAcademy leveraging the power of ClearCare’s Connect API. Agency administrators and caregivers sign on to ClearCare and CareAcademy through Single Sign On (SSO).

  Easily move between ClearCare and CareAcademy dashboards to view and manage caregiver training.

  When an applicant is converted to a caregiver in ClearCare, the administrator is prompted to activate CareAcademy access for the new caregiver.

  See caregiver CareAcademy status in the Caregiver Profile and activate or deactivate in a click.

  See CareAcademy status for all caregivers in a single view on the Caregiver tab. Easily search for caregivers, change status for caregivers, or update CareAcademy activation status.