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Integrated Employment Screening

Run background checks with a click. 

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CareGuard Monitoring wins new business

Most agencies run a one-time check. CareGuard runs a daily check against the national criminal, FBI, and sex offender database to make sure the background stays clean. Market this advantage with families and social workers. 

 We provide marketing tools

We invest in marketing tools to help you convey how CareGuard makes you different. Use these in your marketing efforts to win business. 

 Add the video to your website

Easily add the video to your website orsend to families and referral sources via email. 

Time Savings

Order screens from within the ClearCare platform with a click and receive automatic notifications when results are ready.

Work Opportunity Tax Credits

Automatically check if caregivers are eligible for a Work Opportunity Tax Credit of up to $9600 per hire.

Monthly Monitoring

With CareGuard ongoing screening, you can monitor for misconduct on a monthly basis to maintain safety measures and differentiate your business.

Simplified Employment Screening Services

You liked a caregiver on the phone interview so you bring her in only to find out after an hour long interview that she didn't pass a background check. Your next caregiver is perfect -- so you manually type the caregiver's information from their resume into the background check company login. You then wait... and keep clicking the refresh the page hoping the check is updated. Hurray! The check is complete. So you print the background check and after fixing your scanner you scan and attach the completed background check into your software system. Sound familiar? 

ClearCare is different. Run an Express Screen, a quick inexpensive check to make sure it's worth the time to interview the caregiver. Since the caregiver application came through ClearCare you just press a button to run the full background check. As the check is completed your ClearCare dashboard is updated to let you know. Then, auto-run the annual rescreen for active caregivers. Even turn on CareGuard daily background monitoring as a premium service for your clients.  

 Custom Background Checks

Federal, FBI, Sex Offender, County Criminal, SSN, DMV, Drug Tests and more. Build custom packages to fit your state requirements. 

 Integrated and Seamless

Less duplicate data entry and run checks with a click. Get notifications in the same platform that you're using each day. 

End-to-end efficiency

Beginning with the online caregiver application, you are gathering important caregiver data to speed up the screening process and get more caregivers hired faster.

Express Screen

Run an inexpensive, immediate check to know if it's worth bringing the caregiver in for an interview. Pre-employment screening now saves you time from interviewing unqualified caregivers. 

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

How much are the employment screening services?

We've partnered with a leading background check provider for great rates. The actual employment screening background check rate is based on the packages you select. 

Is CareGuard daily monitoring affordable?

Yes! CareGuard is $1 per active caregiver per month. Agencies can often pass this expense to their client as families love the peace of mind. 

Will the background check meet my state requirements?

In almost all cases, yes. Our background check provider has custom packages to meet most state requirements. 

How thorough are the employment screening services?

The employment screening service provider has direct electronic access to 1,400 county jurisdictions and provides employment screening services for brands like Wal-Mart and The U.S. Postal Service.  

What is CareGuard?

CareGuard actively checks the national criminal, FBI, and sex-offender databases to ensure the caregiver's record stays clean after the initial screen. 

When do I know when a background check has been completed?

You'll be notified via email and on the ClearCare dashboard when updates to the background check are complete.