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6. Setup Complete!

You are now ready to take advantage of all the ClearCare HubSpot integration benefits.

You have successfully connected your HubSpot account with ClearCare. Your HubSpot CRM integration setup is complete and ready to use.




Deal Workflow "Webhook URL"

A webhook in a Deal-based workflow is used to pass information from HubSpot to ClearCare. A webhook sends data, notifications, alerts, or any other real-time updates from HubSpot to ClearCare after an action is completed in HubSpot. Copy the generated webhook and associate it with the Deal-based workflow. This will send deal data both ways between HubSpot and ClearCare system to match deal stages to prospect statuses.

Deal Workflow Webhook

How to configure your webhook & Deal workflow


Advanced HubSpot Configuration

There are two additional, optional HubSpot configurations. ClearCare is here to help if you have any questions when setting them up.

  1. Link an existing HubSpot Sales Pipeline to ClearCare so when you make a change in your HubSpot Sales Pipeline, the change will be associated with and will update the ClearCare Prospect status.

  2. Configure HubSpot so creating a contact automatically creates a new contact and deal in your HubSpot Sales Pipeline that is associated with ClearCare.

Request Help from ClearCare

A representative will call you within 48 hours.



Product Documentation

Check out our Community articles that guide you through the setup for the HubSpot integration.

Online Learning

Take our online course that steps you through the ClearCare HubSpot integration process.

Setup Guide

Get the PDF version of the ClearCare HubSpot Setup Guide for handy reference at your desk.


If you make updates to any properties that are part of the HubSpot integration -- such as adding/removing location or referral source information -- in ClearCare, you must apply those changes to your HubSpot configuration as well. Simply click the appropriate button below to update HubSpot with changes to your setup configuration, location or referral sources.