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4. Setup Complete!

You are now set up to take advantage of all the WellSky Personal Care HubSpot integration benefits.

Deal Workflow "Webhook URL"

A webhook in a Deal-based workflow is used to pass information from HubSpot to WellSky Personal Care. A webhook sends data, notifications, alerts, or any other real-time updates from HubSpot to WellSky Personal Care after an action is completed in HubSpot. Copy the generated webhook and associate it with the Deal-based workflow. This will send deal data both ways between HubSpot and WellSky Personal Care system to match deal stages to prospect statuses.

Deal Workflow Webhook

How to configure your webhook & Deal workflow

Linked HubSpot Sales Pipelines

HubSpot sales pipeline prospect information will be sent to WellSky Personal Care based on the way you set up the sales pipeline links. When you create a new prospect in WellSky Personal Care, a new deal and contact will be created in HubSpot; however, no other changes to the prospect status will be updated in the HubSpot sales pipeline.


Product Documentation

Check out our Community articles that guide you through the Connector setup for the HubSpot integration.

Online Learning

Take our online course that steps you through the WellSky Personal Care HubSpot integration process.

Setup Guide

Get the PDF version of the ClearCare HubSpot Setup Guide for handy reference at your desk.

What's next?

Now you can enable all the power of the HubSpot CRM and effortlessly continue your hiring in WellSky Personal Care.