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Electronic Claims

Seamlessly process claims with third party payers

Manage the Entire Process within ClearCare

ClearCare is integrated with Change Healthcare, a leading clearinghouse system, and leverages the highest standard EDI technology to allow home care agencies to process claims with third party payers such as Medicaid or insurance providers.  

 All-In-One Claims Management

  • One-click claim submission
  • Track claim status
  • Edit, correct, and re-submit claims
  • Log into the clearinghouse portal for advanced claims management 

 Manage the Round-Trip Revenue Cycle

  • View payment notices related to associated claims
  • Track A/R using ClearCare’s Receivables reports



Available Claims Submission Formats

Create a print form for the Payer.
This includes the CMS1500 and UB-04, which can then be submitted to the Payer.

Manually download ANSI X12 file formats (837i or 837p) from ClearCare.
ClearCare will create standard formatted electronic claims for submission directly to a payer portal. Upload payments (advice of remittance such as the 835) directly to ClearCare upon receipt – payments are automatically applied to associated claims.

Create an Excel flat file.
Include all required data and customize with Care Log and billing information. Submit the file to any payer that requires a spreadsheet type format.

Integrated ANSI X12 file formats (837i or 837p) directly with a Clearinghouse.
ClearCare offers a relationship with a major Clearinghouse partner with thousands of payer connections. Submit claims directly to the Clearinghouse for validation, verification, and dissemination to payers.