FAQ: ClearCare Announces Acquisition of HomeTrak

What did ClearCare announce today?

We announced that ClearCare has acquired HomeTrak. Together, the two teams can combine energy and effort to further our mission of enabling low cost delivery of care for our private duty customers.  The combination extends our product and support resources to support the industry.

Will HomeTrak customers be forced to buy ClearCare?

No.  ClearCare will continue to support the full HomeTrak Companion product line.  However, HomeTrak customers can choose to switch to ClearCare.

Are there immediate plans to discontinue any HomeTrak products?

HomeTrak Companion products will not be sunsetted. ClearCare is a customer-driven company and, as always, we will continue to deliver the solutions our customers need to be successful.  

Who will I contact for HomeTrak customer support?

All of the HomeTrak support contacts will remain the same.

What about existing ClearCare customers? What does this announcement mean for me?

More innovation and customer support! We are excited to team up with the HomeTrak team.  Our combined product and support resources, their experience in skilled nursing, and dedication to our shared mission will only enhance our ability to innovate and enable private duty customers to serve the world’s aging population.

How does this change the roadmap?

For the better! We can now combine our effort, energy, and resources with the team from HomeTrak to WOW our customers that much more.

Who should I contact with further questions or concerns?

It is business as usual for us, but we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you are looking to replace your existing software provider with ClearCare please email / call: sales@clearcareonline.com / 1-800-449-0645 ext. 2

If you are HomeTrak customer looking to switch to ClearCare please email conversions@clearcareonline.com