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Grow traffic, convert more visitors, and run marketing campaigns at scale.

Accelerating new client conversions is key for agencies to efficiently manage their operations and grow the business. ClearCare’s integration with HubSpot lets you do just that. It's another way we can help you get ahead.


Gain deeper insights into prospects, automate communications, and close more deals faster.

The integration between HubSpot and ClearCare allows activity and information to move seamlessly between the two. Your sales team will have the most up-to-date lead information on opportunities, the ability to automate follow-up communication, and move prospects through your sales pipeline faster.


Save Time 

Track & manage your sales pipeline & eliminate manual data entry

Increase Sales Productivity

Automate follow-up and outreach without being impersonal

Centralize Pipeline Management

Prevent your Sales teams from going back and forth between systems

Want more information about HubSpot?

We can put you in touch with HubSpot resources familiar with the ClearCare integration after submitting the form.

How It Works

ClearCare’s integration with HubSpot helps you optimize and automate every stage of your client pipeline. Get notified the moment a lead opens your email, track every interaction automatically, and organize all your marketing and sales activities in one place. As a lead advances in your pipeline, HubSpot sends status changes to ClearCare. Updates made in ClearCare are also sent to HubSpot.


What's Required

  • ClearCare Software
  • HubSpot Sales Enterprise OR HubSpot Marketing Enterprise + Sales Pro
  • A domain name (e.g. youragencywebsite.com) unique to your agency (agencies with more than one location must each have a separate domain)

Not a customer yet? Learn more about ClearCare.

Already a ClearCare customer?

Sign up through ClearCare Power Tools. Go to Agency Settings → Power Tools → CRM and follow the process from there. If you're not already a HubSpot customer, you'll find more info there.