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WellSky Personal Care Insights 

Business intelligence through unencumbered visibility into WellSky Personal Care system data.

ClearCare InsightsWellSky Personal Care Insights provides franchisors and multi-location enterprises access to vast amounts of raw data (WellSky Personal Care data elements) from a high performance cloud-based data platform and the ability to leverage high-performance Business Intelligence (BI) tools in WellSky Personal Care Analytics.

Business leaders are empowered to actively monitor network and agency level data to identify trends and opportunities across the business to inform decisions and improve business performance.

Gain direct access to your WellSky Personal Care data in Amazon Athena

Improve financial forecasting and revenue reconciliation

Aggregate data for driving standards and best practices

Make more accurate, data driven decisions through high-powered analytics for market segmentation and process optimization

business_RGB_300x300 InisghtsPower
Your Growth

  • Track KPIs
  • Enable process optimization and ensure compliance
  • Identify at-risk caregivers
  • Track Client and Caregiver pipelines and improve processes

data_RGB_300x300 InisghtsHigh Performance
& Scalable

  • Extremely fast execution with no impact on WellSky Personal Care’s online system
  • Scales to run complex queries on vast datasets
  • Connects to Business Intelligence tools, data lakes, or your own apps

operations_RGB_300x300 InisghtsConsolidated
Access to Data

  • Generate aggregate reports across all locations with a single query
  • Isolate datasets from specified time periods
  • C.A.R.E views of data optimized for simplicity and familiarity
  • Stay current with data refreshed nightly

Get the Most from Your Data

Access your raw data in Insights’ centralized data warehouse (Amazon Athena) or extract data and put into your own data lake or warehouse. Overlay WellSky Personal Care Analytics for high-powered BI or your preferred business intelligence tools. Parse large amounts of data and create stunning visualizations to help present that data in new ways to facilitate understanding and decision making.

Corporate-Level Optics for the Business User

  • Analyze data management operations
  • Identify key trends and point-in-time performance to improve efficiencies
  • Generate actionable business insights

Enterprise Business Intelligence for the Tech User

  • Advanced reporting and modeling for financials, resource planning, SLAs, and more
  • Extract data from Insights and combine with non-WellSky Personal Care data in your own data warehouse
  • Produce meaningful visualizations from advanced analytics output

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

Is there an additional charge for using WellSky Personal Care Analytics visualization and BI tools?

No. Insights users are able to use both the Insights data warehouse (powered by Amazon Athena) and WellSky Personal Care Analytics. Users may choose to extract Insights data and include into their own data warehouse and/or use their own BI visualization tools as needed.

Can Insights Product users request additional query filters?

Yes. Users can filter by any of the fields provided.

What types of Insights Product access methods are supported?

Users can run queries through a web interface or programmatically using SQL syntax.

Will the Insights Product evolve in-sync as new modules/fields are added to the WellSky Personal Care product offering, at no additional cost?

New fields in WellSky Personal Care will be added to the Insights product based on Insights customer demand. Regular addition of new fields will be included as part of customer Insights license fee.

What level of technical performance is supported (e.g. page limits throughput, throttling semantics, bulk operations)?

Insights users receive a standard base amount of data processing per month. Customers can purchase additional data processing volume as needed.

Do Insights Product users have access to support and troubleshooting?

Yes. WellSky Personal Care provides technical product support for Insights users. Users have a monthly support allotment with the option to purchase additional support as needed.