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ClearCare Insights 

Unencumbered visibility into ClearCare system data related to your entire organization 

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ClearCare Insights allows your management team to:

 Gain direct access to your ClearCare data in Amazon Athena

 Access vast amounts of raw data (i.e. ClearCare data elements) from a high performance cloud-based data platform

 Isolate data sets from specified time periods 

Master Your Data

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Actively monitor your agency data to identify trends and opportunities across your business so you can take action. ClearCare Insights provides easy access to your data and gives you the ability to integrate with your Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

Take Control of Your Operations

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Gain direct and easy access to your data so you can drill in and identify opportunities to improve operational efficiencies. Leverage your own real-time reporting and BI tools to oversee operations and take action. Analyze and identify growth opportunities and inefficiencies to create the capacity needed to meet growing demands.


Grow Your Business

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Quickly recognize the value of your ClearCare data. We extract data from multiple ClearCare systems, giving you access to the data you need to give you a complete picture of your business. Ensure compliance and track KPI progress at each of your locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the Insights Product have SLAs?
A. Yes. The Insights product SLAs align with Amazon Athena.

Q. Will the Insights Product be highly available?
A. Yes.

Q. Will the Insights Product be versioned?
A. No. Because customers have direct SQL access to their data, API versioning is not required. Backward incompatible changes should not occur.

Q. Will the Insights Product features be fully documented?
A. Yes. We will provide documentation of all the data we make available.

Q. How will Insights Product changes be communicated and deployed?
A. ClearCare will include fields added to the Insights product as part of our regular product release notes already provided to customers today.

Q. Will Insights Product users have access to support and troubleshooting?
A. Yes. ClearCare will provide technical product support for Insights users. Users will have a monthly support allotment with the option to purchase additional support as needed.

Q. Will Insights Product users be able to request additional query filters?
A. Yes. Users will be able to filter by any of the fields provided.

Q. What types of Insights Product access methods will be supported?
A. Users can run queries through a web interface or programmatically using SQL syntax.

Q. What level of technical performance will be supported (e.g., page limits throughput, throttling semantics, bulk operations)?
A. All users will receive a standard base amount of data processing per month. Customers will be able to purchase additional data processing volume as needed.

Q. Will there be a non-production environment available for integration testing?
A. Not currently planned.

Q. As the ClearCare Product Offering evolves, will the Insights Product be evolved in-sync (new modules / fields in the ClearCare Product Offering are automatically included in the Insights Product), at no additional cost?
A. New fields in ClearCare will be added to the Insights product based on Insights customer demand. Regular addition of new fields will be included as part of customer Insights license fee.