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ClearCare makes your agency better.  

We create compelling marketing tools to show clients, caregivers, and referral sources how. 

Home Care Marketing Tools

Ever wondered what home care marketing ideas win big referrals? When you're conducting a competive home visit and have 3 minutes to explain how your agency is different, why not rely on the advantages ClearCare to separate you from the rest? Just press play and win more business. 

 Videos to post on your website.

Press play to show them how the Family Room, CareGuard, and WorkSafe Central make you the agency of choice -- on your website or on a tablet. 

 Collateral to put in your folder

We spend our marketing budget creating printable tools for you. Upload your logo and contact info and you're ready to go -- no designer needed! 

Marketing Monthly Program

Each month we provide customizeable PDFs to help build your brand. 

Professionally produced

We work with top writers, graphic designers, and content experts to make you look great. 

Compete online and offline 

Print and put in your folder, share on social media, add to your website, newsletter, or blog. 


The Marketing Monthly Program

When referral sources trust your expertise, they refer to you. ClearCare helps by researching timely topics and creating compelling content based on the issues families and caregivers are dealing with. We then provide a unique link for you to cutomize with your logo and contact info. 

 Help convert online leads

Did the family member just mention over the phone that her dad has Multiple Sclerosis? Ask for their email address so you can send tips for her to deal with her situation then add the email to your newsletter database to keep your agency top of mind. 

 Look high-end & professional

We pay for top graphic design to ensure the marketing materials make your agency look great. 

Spend more time marketing

Stop getting stuck in the office creating new collateral each month. We do it for you!

Stand out among the crowd

Position yourself as a thought leader vs just someone who wants a referral. 

Home Care Sales & Marketing Program FAQs

How much does the home care marketing program cost?

These home care marketing ideas were inspired by our customers and are available to our customer for no additional fee. 

How often are the Marketing Monthly materials made available?

We have a marketing vault of tools to use and we regularly add new tools. When ClearCare releases new features that enhance the client experience, you bet we first think about how to help you market that feature. Approcimately every 30-days we release a new set of Marketing Monthlies. 

What video marketing tools are available?

We have a marketing video for The Family Room, CareGuard Monitoring, and Work Safe Central. Each of these was professionaly produced by a leading visual graphics firm to convey how each of these features enhances your home care agency experience. 

Can I add my logo to the Marketing Monthlies and the videos?

Yes! We provide a website that allows you to add a logo and contact info to the Marketing Monthlies without a designer -- it's easy! If your home care agency wants to add your logo to one of the videos, we can arrange that with our video team for a nominal charge. 

Can I use the marketing videos on my home care website?

Yes! Each video comes with a unique embed link. Provide that link to your web designer to add to your website. 

There are lots of home care marketing strategies -- will the videos and Marketing Monthlies help me win business?

Private duty home care marketing can seem like a big task. Yet, simple home care marketing tactics can separate you from the rest. These home care marketing tools help support why ClearCare powered agencies generate 30% higher revenues than their agency peers.