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Electronic Claims (eClaims)

5. Next Steps

You have successfully signed up for self-serve electronic claims. Your account will be activated within the next 48 hours. If you selected the Concierge Implementation option, a member of the WellSky Personal Care Integration Team will contact you to complete your setup. More information to help you get started with WellSky Personal Care Electronic Claims:

Product Documentation

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  • How to download EDI files to be submitted manually
  • Claim Types - 837 Professional vs. 837 Institutional
  • Migrating from paper claims to electronic submissions
  • Claims Management - generating and submitting electronic claims, reviewing claims and managing batch history.

Check out ClearCare’s Community articles to help you get started. Self-guide your payer setup, creating and downloading claims from ClearCare, troubleshooting and more

What is eClaims?

All-in-One Integrated Claims Management

WellSky Personal Care’s integrated electronic claims allow agencies to manage the round-trip revenue cycle management for claims quickly and efficiently. WellSky Personal Care is integrated with Change Healthcare, a leading clearinghouse system providing end-to-end revenue cycle management that helps streamline workflows and simplify collections -- making it easier to get paid by patients and payers. It's essential that your revenue cycle processes are operating at peak performance. Change Healthcare’s integration with WellSky Personal Care alongside the Revenue Performance Advisor management portal can help:

  • One-click claim submission
  • Track claim status, edit, correct, and re-submit claims
  • Log into Revenue Performance Advisor for advanced claims management
  • View payment notices related to associated claims
  • Track A/R using WellSky Personal Care's Receivables reports

Why Change Healthcare?


About ClearCare Integrated Electronic Claims

  • More than 30 years of industry expertise helping businesses like yours optimize the revenue cycle.
  • Exceptional customer experience using the Revenue Performance Advisor (RPA) Portal, an all in a single, easy-to-use revenue cycle software solution.
  • First-pass clean claims rate of 99%: Claims are validated and scrubbed before submission, helping to reduce errors and rejections.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is used to help providers identify and mitigate denials before they happen.
  • Preferred Clearinghouse of the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs
  • WellSky Personal Care Partner since 2015: Integrated with Change Healthcare’s network and RPA portal to deliver a seamless agency experience with an added revenue cycle management workflow and reporting.

Self-Serve Electronic Claims

WellSky Personal Care makes it easy to generate electronic insurance claims (837) in the same way as the automated process. However, the contrast is that agencies must manually download and submit the electronic claims file to the payer or preferred clearinghouse directly. Agencies must manually enter payment information and track claims status outside of WellSky Personal Care. If a denial or payment issue arises, agencies can update care logs and invoice details in WellSky Personal Care; however, the agency must manually resubmit the claim to the payer. Payment information is not automatically reflected in WellSky Personal Care.

How does it work?


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What's in it for me?

bullet-iconFlexible options to suit your agency’s requirements

Leverage the integration with Change Healthcare to manage your entire claims revenue cycle from within ClearCare or download your claim data in 837i/p format to submit claims manually and manage the revenue cycle directly with the payer or preferred clearinghouse.

bullet-iconSimplify reconciliation and reporting

Link payment information to invoices in ClearCare. Use existing financial reporting and ClearCare’s QuickBooks integration to track electronic claims activity.

red-triangleSubmit, track, and manage claims easier

Claims are validated and scrubbed before submission, helping to reduce errors and rejections. Change Healthcare has a first-pass clean claims rate of 99%.

red-triangleReduce time on the phone with payers

Verify eligibility and benefits coverage. Our nationwide connectivity with thousands of payers helps simplify and automate the entire process.

red-triangleOptimize cash flow

Simplify rejections and denials management. Perform real-time edits on rejected claims and resubmit within minutes. Streamline denials with pre-populated appeal letters.

red-triangleSpend more time with clients and less time chasing revenue

Performance Advisor helps streamline workflows, facilitate faster payment, and enhance client satisfaction.

red-triangle Benefits of using the Change Healthcare Integration