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Home Care Compliance

ACA Compliance Software and Companionship Exemption Tools

Stay Compliant with the repeal of the Companionship Exemption

With the repeal of the Companionship Exemption, limiting your exposure to overtime has never been more important. No matter how your agency has decided to comply, ClearCare keeps you guarded against small errors that could cost you big. 

 Overtime Alerts 

At the point of scheduling, select caregivers who will not exceed overtime thresholds. Alerts prevent costly mistakes. 

 Flexible Settings

Use a number of settings to determine how overtime rules are applied at the caregiver level. 


Customizable Overtime Settings

Adjust your agency’s overtime settings at the company level in accordance with regulation and even make caregiver or client specific changes as necessary.

Overtime Scheduling Alerts

Schedulers are notified if they are sending a caregiver into overtime as soon as they create a shift.

Overtime Reports

Robust reporting provides you with overtime hours and margins, including projections so you can make appropriate changes to avoid costs in advance.

Stay Compliant with the Affordable Care Act

Keeping track of Full Time employees and Full Time equivolents can help keep your HR and beneifts cost in line. 

 Forecast Hours & Employees

Run reports to forecast how many total employees would be considered a full-time employee under the definition of a large employer. 

 Catch Errors Before they Add Up

Know which employees are considered employees based on past and future schedules. Make schedule changes before the new pay period if needed. 


Full Time Employees

See how many and which employees qualify. 

Full Time Equivalents

If you meet the definition of a large employer, tracking FTEs is just as easy. 

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

What are overtime alerts?

Overtime alerts appear when scheduling a caregiver who will be put into an overtime situation. These alerts happen before a shift occurs so you can make the call. 

What methods of overtime calculation are available?

Straight, Blended, and Weighted Average options are available for calculating overtime based on your state and account practices. 

Does the time and attendance also track drive time?


How much does the home care ACA compliance software cost?

The ACA compliance software and overtime alerts are included with any subscription of the ClearCare home care software system. 

Does the ACA compliance software track Full-Time Employees and Full-Time Equivalents


Are reports available for ACA and Companionship Exemption tracking?

Yes, pre-canned reports and custom reports are available.