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800.449.0645 Caregiver Support

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

How much does ClearCare cost?

Your base rate is determined by the total number of active clients per month. Yet, many agencies receive ClearCare for effectively FREE with savings on workers' compensation and tax credits. Contact our sales team for the best available price. 

How much are onboarding fees?

There is no cost for onboarding. 

Are discounts available?

We do offer incentives for large agencies -- please ask your sales rep for the details. 

What is the price for telephony service?

There is no additional fee for use of the Smart GPS Telephony service. 

I'm a startup -- can I afford ClearCare?

Yes! We offer a startup package that is discounted for startup agencies. Having ClearCare and the marketing tools can help you sign-up your first several clients so we recommend having ClearCare from the very first day you open your agency. 

How can I get ClearCare for Free?

ClearCare charges a rate per active client per month. This cost is usually very small relative to your revenue, however, many agencies can make ClearCare effectively FREE with the savings from lower workers' comp premiums and tax credits. In fact, many agencies see 50%+ improvements in their profit margins. 

WorkSafe Central

Build in caregiver safety program that is simple to follow. Learn more


Work Comp Policy

Get credit for safety best practices and potentially save enough to make ClearCare FREE. Learn more


Payment Processing

Eliminate your entire billing day, invoice and collect with a click. Learn more


Employment Screening

Run background checks, earn tax credits, and raise the bar with CareGuard™ continuous monitoring. Learn more