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Readmission Management & Hospital Tracking

Readmission tracking made easy. Win more referrals with the data you need. 

Hospital and Readmission Tracking

Manage readmission with a simple readmission tracking tool. See your readmission rates by referral source.

With the passing of the Affordable Care Act, acute-care providers are partnering with best-in-class home care agencies that effectively monitor readmissions and improve outcomes. Are you tracking the right data to have a seat at the table? 

 Tracking readmission rates & conditions

Manage readmissions by tagging if your client was discharged with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Phenumonia, Chronic ObstructivePpulmonary Diease (COPD), Heart Attack (AMI), Heart Failure (HF), stroke, and other conditions. ClearCare automatically shows which clients avoided the 30-day readmission. 

 Report and prove your success

With the readmission management software built-in, hospital and readmission tracking is easy. Prove your results with a click. Share those results with your staff to improve outcomes and win more referrals. 


New for 2016

Track Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) and hip / knee replacement.

Talk the same language

With your readmission rate numbers in hand, referral sources will listen. 

Simple to use

Access on your dashboard and use pre-canned reports to prove your data.  

Participate in Value Based Purchasing

Hospitals can be penalized for excessive readmissions. The penalties are increasing each year. With your help hospitals can receive a reward by keeping their 30-day unplanned readmission rates low. 

 Accountable Care Organizations

Partner with local ACOs who need home care services. 

 Pioneer and Next Generation ACOs

Today these entities are using a home care agency - why not yours? With the right data in hand, you'll have a compelling case to make. 


Market your quality

Take your value proposition to the next level with families and hospitals. 

Create a Readmission Program

With ClearCare, it's never been easier to create a Readmission Program. Setup separate rates and caregivers who are specialized in preventing readmissions. 

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

Why is care management of readmissions a big deal?

Historially healthcare has been a fee for service business. With recent healthcare regulation (particularly the Affordable Care Act), performance and outcome based payments are becoming a focus for hospitals and all acute-care providers. 

I'm a new agency. Should I monitor readmissions?

Yes, especially if you're a new agency. Not only will readmission tracking help improve client outcomes, but as an new agency you'll be speaking the language of the hospital discharge planners. 

How much is the readmission management module?

The readmission management module is built-in and included with any level of ClearCare. 

Does readmission tracking tool come with reporting?

Yes! The readmission management software comes iwth multiple canned reports so you can see the readmission rate by referral source.

How easy is the readmission tracking module?

Readmission management involves tagging a referral with the condition and which hospital or provider the client was discharged from - it's that easy. Pre-canned reports are used to see the results.  

So I'm tracking readmission rates - now what?

Manage your readmissions and compare to your local hospitals using the CMS Readmission database.