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Home Care Reporting System

Have a pulse on your business. Make the right decisions without spreadsheets. 

Analytics Delivered

With Analytics Delivered, the right metrics arrive at the right time to the right people - in the inboxes of you and your staff on the cadence you establish.

Analytics and reporting provide the metrics, but in the day-to-day, it can be hard to train staff to pull the reports and manage to the right metrics at the right time. Analytics Delivered enables agencies to email encrypted reports directly from Analytics on a schedule you set.

Here are just a few examples of best practices:

  • To Schedulers: Daily report with today’s and tomorrow’s schedules and open shifts
  • To Owners: Weekly gross profit report
  • To Sales & Marketing: Weekly prospect reports for clients and caregivers
  • To Accounting: Monthly billing vs. payroll report
headshot_bruce_vanderlaan_mertz"Speed and ease of access, transparency, and real-time updating of data are critical when it comes to evaluating the value of an agency, and even the certainty of closing a deal. Leveraging Analytics Delivered to easily and clearly produce data with a high level of transparency means you are more likely to engage with the right buyer and for the best price."

- Bruce Vanderlaan, Managing Director
Mertz Taggart

kunu_kaushal_400x500"Analytics Delivered is a game-changer for my business operations. We can easily leverage data in our communications and our jobs. For example, we send the daily Open Shifts report to our schedulers, branch director, and recruiting teams in each office. Delivering this level of transparency to our internal teams provides actionable insights that help them do their jobs better."

- Kunu Kaushal, Founder and CEO
Senior Solutions Home Care

Home Care Reports Made Easy

ClearCare provides end-to-end reporting to help you identify trends and gain insights into the health of your business, which means better care and more profits.

Over 30 Standard Reports

We've done the legwork so you can quickly access revenue by referral source, caregivers who call out most often, expiring certifications, gross profit, and more.

Custom Reports

Select exactly the data you’d like to see. Manipulate and analyze your data right in ClearCare. Create your own custom reports and save them for future reference. Use flexible Data and Pivot Grids for even deeper insights.

Analytics Module

Build dashboards that display key metrics in charts and graphs so you can easily identify trends. See revenue, hours billed, client referrals, client and caregiver pipeline, and more.

  • Create Your Own Dashboards - Set up dynamic dashboards with multiple dimensions, adding in data sets such as profit margin, location, and referral source.
  • A Dashboard for Everyone - Create custom dashboards for each role at your agency. Use these to monitor the business and run your staff meetings.
  • Layer Multiple Data Attributes - Pull in attributes found in different parts of ClearCare to slice and dice your data.
Analytics - Open Shifts

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

How much does the home care reporting system cost?

The home care reporting system is included in your ClearCare home care software fees.

Can I print, save, and email the reports?

Yes! The home care reporting system can print your report, save on your computer and export to Excel, or email the reports. If you forget to save a report, no problem - ClearCare will always show recently run reports. 

Can I create my own home care reports?

Yes! Use the canned reports or custom reporting dashboard to pull reports on any data and time range you wish.

On the visual dashboard, can I see current period versus last year?

Yes! Many agencies want to see how their data compares to last year or the previous period. 

Can I create custom home care reports and dashboards for my staff?

Yes! Each role can create its own reports and dashboards.

How can reports protect me against unemployment claims?

Pull a report to show shifts offered and the caregiver's reply. Print these to support an unemployment claim.