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Home Care Reporting System

Have a pulse on your business. Make the right decisions without spreadsheets. 

Home Care Reports Made Easy

You don't have time to sort through spreadsheets. ClearCare's Home Care Reporting System has canned reports that keep you focused on trends and insights, so you can provide better care and operate with more profits. 

 Unlimited Flexibility with Tags

Every client, caregiver, and referral source profile can be 'tagged.' Create as many tags as you like for flexibility in sorting and reporting your data. 

 Over 30 Canned Reports & Custom Reporting

Find out who has referred the most business, which caregivers call out the most, upcoming birthdays, which referral sources haven't referred in the last month, expiring certifications, Gross Profit, how many full-time employees you have for ACA tracking, and more. Create your own custom reports and save them for future reference. 

Custom Reports

Standard Reports

We’ve built over 30 reports to harness all your home care data. Get quick access to critical metrics such as gross profit and revenue by referral source.

Custom Reports

Use custom reporting to select exactly the data you’d like to see. Manipulate and analyze your data right in ClearCare.

Charts & Dashboards

Visual learner? Build a dashboard that displays key metrics in charts and graphs so you can identify trends. 

Visual Charts & Dashboards

As a business owner, you crave insight to key information to help run your operation. With all administrators working within the platform, you can easily monitor performance and take action with data on your side.

 At-A-Glance Insights

Sort any set of data visually so you can see if your revenue is up or down. See revenue, hours billed, client referrals, client and caregiver pipeline, and more. 

 A Dashboard for Every Role

Create custom dashboards for each role at your agency. Use these to monitor the business and run your staff meetings. 


Cross-Departmental Visibility

Headed out for a client visit? Double check the aging report to find out if the client has outstanding invoices, and add that to your agenda. Operational intersections are smooth with robust reporting.

Save Time with Robust Reporting

Spend less time tracking down data and more time using the insight to discover ways to improve operations and business growth.

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

How much does the home care reporting system cost?

The home care reporting system is included with all ClearCare home care software system subscriptions. 

Can I print, save, and email the reports?

Yes! The home care reporting system can print your report, save on your computer and export to Excel, or email the reports. If you forget to save a report, no problem - ClearCare will always show recently run reports. 

Can I create my own home care reports?

Yes! Use the canned reports or custom reporting dashboard to pull reports on any data and time range you wish.

On the visual dashboard, can I see current period versus last year?

Yes! Many agencies want to see how their data compares to last year or the previous period. 

Can I create custom home care reports and dashboards for my staff?

Yes! Each role can create its own reports and dashboards.

How can reports protect me against unemployment claims?

Pull a report to show shifts offered and the caregiver's reply. Print these to support an unemployment claim.