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Streamline Your Respite Care Program

ClearCare’s platform provides a one-stop shop for your Respite Care program needs

Centralized Program Management

From tracking respite care worker applicants and managing intake of new clients, to scheduling, timekeeping and all the way through to seamless billing and payroll, ClearCare allows you to manage everything in one place.

 Live View Dashboard

Easily monitor care in real time. The color-coded schedule makes it easy to track scheduling, handle timekeeping, and access information in real time for clients and respite workers in the field.

 Profile Management

Easily make rate updates, with client and staff data at your fingertips. Maintain case-specific care notes and message clients and respite workers straight from the profile.

 Billing and Payroll

Integrated billing and payroll leads to a seamless billing and payroll process, with easy management of multi-client households and multiple payers.


For the Agency

  • Integrated applicant tracking system
  • Easily match respite workers and clients with CareFinder
  • Track scheduled vs. actual hours worked and receive alerts about discrepancies
  • Intuitive reporting tools for billing/payroll entry and profit analysis

For the Client

  • View authorization balances from the Family Room
  • Centralized two-way messaging connects family, agency, and respite workers

For Respite Workers

  • Mobile interface and telephony for timekeeping and logging care notes
  • e-signatures on timecards
  • Notifications of authorization status and available hours at clock-in

Paperless Respite Care Management

Optimize management of your agency’s respite program. Our platform offers a flexible solution allowing you to eliminate multiple spreadsheets and siloed systems.

Authorization Management

Within the same system, users can easily manage the coordination of respite care, document and manage service payers, receive automated alerts at the point of scheduling of available respite hours, and report usage by client. 

 Visibility for Families and Respite Workers

ClearCare’s Family Room and the caregiver mobile app give families and respite workers visibility into care logs and authorized respite hour balances, to ensure available hours are not exceeded.


Payer Management

Set up payers and manage from within ClearCare. Standardize billing along payer lines. Easily split respite care billing statements among multiple payers from within the accounting and billing management module.

Bulk Care Log Upload

Save respite caregivers time by enabling them to upload multiple timecards at once.

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

What agency operations are available within the platform?

Agencies can track respite authorizations, manage billing and payroll, access centralized reporting and analytics, and more - all in an integrated system.

How can clients and families use ClearCare?

Clients and families can log in to the Family Room to see care logs and authorize respite hour balances in real time. 

What type of alerts can I receive?

Automatically receive alerts at the point of scheduling if authorized respite hours are exceeded.

What accounting features are available?

Users can add payers, customize bill rates, track authorized respite care hours/rates, and split respite care payments among multiple payers.

What information can I see about my current applicants?

You will be able to track different information about applicants including background checks, WOTC eligibility, as well as note important skills and certifications.

How does the system help eliminate paper timesheets?

Caregivers can clock in and out of shifts and upload multiple timecards to the system, eliminating the need for paper timesheets.