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Kick off your summer with some data fun!

Agencies that rely on reporting and analytics regularly beat their competition because they are able to tap into their data to measure performance, assess trends, and identify opportunities in near real time.

Many are deterred from fully leveraging data analytics and business intelligence because it just sounds complicated. Analytics are so much more than fancy reports and dashboards. Analytics are really an extension of your business processes, with built-in feedback, so you can continuously analyze, improve, and refine those processes.

With ClearCare Analytics, we have done the heavy lifting for you - so climb out from under that pile of spreadsheets and join us for our Summer webinar series to learn how to harness the power of your data and effectively analyze the numbers to drive growth and run your business more smoothly than ever.

Our next webinar in the series is now open for registration:

Harnessing Your Data to Win the Caregiver Shortage Battle
Wednesday, July 10, 2019  |  11AM PDT / 2PM EDT
How can you help your caregivers stay motivated in their jobs? How can you keep them with your agency? Caregiver retention. It’s an age-old topic but we have some new approaches based on data analytics!

By attending this webinar, you will learn how to use analytics to:

  • Optimize your hiring processes to get to the best candidates first
  • Improve your retention numbers
  • Gauge your caregivers’ job satisfaction
  • Identify training opportunities
  • Stay ahead of turnover risk, compliance issues and more!

Don’t miss this exciting series as we dive into the world of data and show you how to set your agency up for success with Analytics! We look forward to seeing you there.


Registration for the rest of the webinars will be coming soon. Topics include:

  • Getting Started with Analytics
  • CEO's Guide to a Data-Driven Business
  • Improving Patient Outcomes


ClearCare Analytics is the home care industry’s only fully integrated enterprise-level business intelligence solution.