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Remote patient monitoring, telehealth, & vital monitoring

Tele-Health is the Future

Home care is the lowest cost of care serving the highest cost patient population. With caregiver assistance, in-home patients can receive the world's medical information on a phone and even visit their doctors virtually. 

 Lower the Cost of Care

With the right technology, clients can age at home where the cost is much lower for the client and Medicare. 

 Prevent Hospital Admissions

Many seniors are admitted to the hospital for avoidable reasons such as not understanding their medications. A caregiver can faciliate the world's best physicians and medical advice in the home with a tablet or smartphone, keeping the client healthy - and out of the hospital. 

Scheduling caregivers


Doctors and healthcare workers at the push of a button. 

Vital Sign Monitoring

Early indicators can pre-empt an acute condition.

Medical Alert Devices

Have added peace of mind when a caregiver is not present. 

Solving the Biggest Healthcare & Aging Crisis

Healthcare expenses are going up. Keeping aging adults at home is not only their desire, but needed to lower the helathcare cost for our government, states, and the individual care recipient. 

 Payors, Health Care Providers, & Pharma

These groups want more predictible costs and outcomes. Home care services are in the home more than 20 hours per week and can ensure the doctor's orders are carried out. 

 ClearCare is Proving Home Care's Role

A 3-year research study with Harvard Medical School and Right At Home is proving the impact of home care on lowering costs and preventing avoidable admissions. 


Bend the Cost Curve

How can $100 of home care displace $1,000 of hospital cost? Home care services are the answer. 

Population Health & Cost Control

Payors, Providers, and Pharmaceutical companies want more predictible cost and insights into their population health - ClearCare can help. 

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

Does ClearCare offer tele-health services today?

Not at this time. We are actively investigating programs on behalf of our home care agency partners.

As a ClearCare powered home care agency, what are the benefits of tele-health?

Tele-health can improve the client experience, keep them out of a hospital, and in the home longer - for greater revenue streams for you. 

My company offers tele-health products or services, who do I contact?

Please fill out the Contact Us form

What is the 'In Home' program?

The 'In Home' program is a 3-year research study with Harvard Medical School and Right At Home, proving the impact that private duty home care has on client outcomes and lowering overall health expenses. Home care agencies that are using ClearCare will benefit from this research.

My agency is non-medical. Can I offer these services?

Your agency will remain non-medical. Our vision is that caregivers can be the conduit for access to healthcare information and providers via simple-to-use technology.

How do I stay updated when these services become available?

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