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ClearCare Virtual Visit

Secure video conferencing and messaging, powered bylogo_synzi


Provide Safe Patient Care During COVID-19

The international pandemic brought about urgency to consider new ways to deliver the right level of care at the right time to home care clients. Virtual visits have emerged as a conduit to reduce the risk of client and staff exposure and maintain safe, efficient, and cost-effective operations.

With WellSky Personal Care Virtual Visit, personal care agencies can stay connected with clients and deliver uninterrupted care amid the COVID-19 pandemic, while ensuring safety and peace of mind for caregivers and families.

  • Connect with your clients on a smartphone, tablet, or computer to perform wellness checks, answer questions, and share guidance
  • Include other members of your care team, such as a caregiver, specialist, pharmacist, or family member
  • Start and track video conferencing and messaging right from WellSky Personal Care
  • Better engage with a referral source’s discharged patients – leading to more effective transitions to the home and improved outcomes
  • Track who read messages and when with end-to-end message encryption

Support staff and patient safety, as well as the quality of care, now and in the future.

Optimize Your Resources

See more of your clients, more often, by converting "drive time" to "client time." Many home visits can be replaced or supplemented with virtual visits, which better utilize available resources and optimize staff productivity. Reduce costs incurred with staff travel time.

Enhance Client Engagement

Respond to questions from clients and their families in a timely and efficient manner. Proactively engage your clients, close gaps in care, and drive better outcomes.

Improve Delivery of Care

Your staff can easily collaborate with the client (and family) on the next steps in care. Your clients’ outcomes improve and risk of readmission and unnecessary ER visits are reduced. Identify patients who are most at risk for exposure or readmission based on level of engagement.


Better Technology. Better Care. Better Outcomes.

Synzi uses a sophisticated platform and configurable framework that automates and optimizes workflows. This creates more valuable connections and more effective care, while bringing convenience and peace of mind to your clients. Virtual visits enable better performance for personal care agencies, better access for clients, and better outcomes for all.