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800.449.0645 Caregiver Support


Win more referrals and track revenue


Marketers bring in revenue. You're on the go representing the company. There is a lot of competition so finding little things that make you different are important. 

We make the marketing tools for you to win new business. 

Home care agency Marketers are on the go and feel ongoing pressure to show sales numbers. Play The Family Room, Employment Screening, and WorkSafe Central videos to show how your agency is different. The Marketing Monthly Program also provides monthly articles that you can customize with your agency logo. Track all your referrals and even send emails out of ClearCare while on the go. 


Fill open shifts fast


Schedulers are multi-tasking pros. Troubleshooting missed shifts and sick caregivers seems daunting to some but you love the challenge. Helping a caregiver find the perfect client brings a smile. 

Spend 80% less time scheduling

ClearCare’s CareFinder helps schedulers quickly pull a list of available caregivers that meet client care criteria. Save hours by sending a message through the system to offer the shift to one or more caregivers. Use Live View to see which caregivers are late or missed clock-ins. 


Invoice & Collect with a click. 

The entire office relies on you to be paid. Tracking payments, insurance authorizations, and explaining pay stubs is a constant challenge.

No more paper invoices & licking envelopes

ClearCare streamlines the entire billing process to a single click, giving hours back to the day. Completed care logs created via telephony are sent directly to billing and payroll to be reviewed and exported to your accounting software like Quickbooks. Use electronic payments to invoice and collect with a click. 


You have a choice of which agency to work for.


You got into the business because you love taking care of your clients. Keeping steady work is a priority. 

Tools to help you do your job

Caregivers need to arrive to shifts feeling prepared. Not only do they need to easily see where they’re supposed to be and when, they also need to know critical details about the shift like tasks and specific client needs. With ClearCare’s ClearCareGo mobile app, caregivers can log in from anywhere to access driving directions via Google Maps and daily, weekly, or monthly shift details. Since our agency uses E-Payments, you're always paid on time and in full. Know that a ClearCare-powered agency is also focused on your safety with WorkSafe Central. 

Healthcare Providers

Your reputation is safe 

Finding all the resources needed for a perfect discharge is challenging. You care about all of your clients and hope they aren't readmitted. How do tell which home care agencies are reputable is gambling with your reputation.

ClearCare-powered agencies protect your reputation. 

Healthcare providers need to feel confident their patient is going to receive high quality care in the home once the patient is discharged. With ClearCare’s Family Room Portal, healthcare providers can log in and see how well they are doing. Healthcare providers can even communicate vital information like medications to the agency via the Family Room.

Care Recipients

Peace of mind with The Family Room 


You need care now. With dozens of agencies to choose from - how do you know who is reputable? 

Not every agency is the same. 

Selecting a home care agency for your loved one is a big decision. Though you are confident in their services, how do you know what’s happening day to day in the home with your loved one? You can instantly have peace of mind if your agency uses ClearCare. With the Family Room Portal, log in from anywhere to see real-time what was done in the home and which caregiver was there, find out if there was a change in condition, and even pay invoices.


Find, screen, and hire quality caregivers

You relish at finding the needle in the haystack. Building personal relationships with caregivers is natural and you love protecting the agency reputation by only allowing the best caregivers on your roster. 

Cut hiring time in half

Hiring and retaining quality caregivers is often the #1 challenge facing the growth of a home care agency. Recruiters need to keep a steady pipeline of qualified caregivers to meet this challenge. With ClearCare, track each step of the hiring process for applicants to ensure that the proper steps are taken to hire quality candidates. Perform background checks within the system with a click.

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

How many logins do I receive?

The ClearCare home care software solution allows unlimited office staff logins. 

Can I limit access and changes of my staff?

You can limit administrator changes like billing, payroll, and other functions to only designated admins. 

Do families prefer a home care agency that uses ClearCare?

Yes! With features like The Family Room, electronic payments, and WorkSafe Central, home care agencies can market their use of ClearCare as a differentiator. 

What is the difference between home health scheduling software and private duty scheduling software?

Home care scheduling software supports private-pay clients who need non-medical care. Home health software supports mostly clients whose care is paid for by Medicaid and/or Medicare.  

What marketing tools are available?

Videos that you can share with clients, caregivers, and referral sources are: The Family Room, Employment Screening, and WorkSafe Central. You can also sign up for our Marketing Monthly program to receive free, professionally-designed articles each month to hand out or distribute electronically.

Is there training available for my staff?

Yes! When we onboard an agency we train the owner and staff. After the initial training, we have monthly webinars and a robust training center that designates training by the role of the staff member.